About Us

Tank Management Services (TMS) is a subsidiary of the Petroleum Marketers Association of Kansas. TMS was established in 1988 to provide member petroleum marketers compliance assistance. TMS provides SIR, remediation or cleanup, phase I, II, and tax filing software to its members.

Williams & Company Consulting, Inc (Williams) was established in 1929 and became the first third-party administrator in the nation to develop UST compliance software. Williams served as the third-party administrator for the Iowa Petroleum Storage Tank Insurance Fund from 1988 until it was privatized in 2001. Williams has been the third-party administrator for the Missouri Petroleum Storage Tank Insurance Fund since 1992 and has overseen the cleanup of over 8,000 sites in the last 20 years.

TMS and Williams began offering state approved owner/operator training in 2007. The training meets and exceeds the training requirements of the Energy Act of 2005 and guidelines established by the EPA.

The EPA requires that all owners and operators be trained by August 8, 2012. The alarms are sounding! Contact us if you want a training program developed for your company or your state.