Class C UST Operator Course

Petro Classroom’s online Class C Operator training provides clerks and non-management personnel of petroleum storage tank facilities (Class C Operators) with an easy-to-use online training course that can be completed anytime, anywhere, in approximately 30 minutes.

Our goal is to alleviate the burden on managers (Class B Operators) who must ensure there is a Certified Class C Operator present at their petroleum storage tank facilities.


Petro Classroom’s online Class C Operator Training gives owners (Class A Operators) of petroleum storage tank facilities peace-of-mind that their on-site personnel will be properly trained to address emergency and non-emergency situations that may arise.


Petro Classroom’s online Class C Operator Training course not only meets, but exceeds the Federal EPA and the state’s requirements for the Class C Operator training.


Class C Operators will learn:

  • a basic understanding of a petroleum storage tank system


  • to be aware of the signs/signals of potential petroleum releases or spills and how to respond


  • step-by-step procedures and safety precautions in the event of an emergency


  • safe fueling practices by customers and delivery companies.


Class C Operators will also be provided with a site-specific checklist, to review with their managers, to ensure they become familiar with their facility.

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