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 Training Course Descriptions

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State-Approved UST A/B Courses

Class C UST Operator Training

Walkthrough Inspections Training

Aboveground Storage Tank (AST) Training

Contractor Exam Prep Training

Continuing Education Courses for Contractors

Course Formats

Petro Classroom’s Online Compliance Courses

Petro Classroom’s online compliance courses are designed provide AST and/or UST Operators and Contractors with an easy-to-use online training course that can be completed anytime, anywhere. You can start, stop and return to the course as your schedule permits.

No final exam!* At Petro Classroom, we understand how difficult it can be to try and retain many hours of information and then take a huge final exam. The Petro Classroom’s online compliance training courses are designed with mini quizzes throughout each chapter, so you learn a little and then take a quiz on the information you just learned. This format makes it easier to retain the information and successfully pass the quizzes. You must pass all the quizzes in each chapter with an 80% before moving on to the next chapter. If you fail a quiz, you can review the chapter and take the quiz again.

See your state course description below for more information.

* Most of our courses do not require a final exam unless otherwise required by the state implementing agency. 

Petro Classroom’s Instructor-Led Compliance Courses

Currently, we do offer classroom compliance training for Class A/B Operators in select states. Private classes are available for organizations wanting to train 25 or more employees.  Call 844-303-6752 to schedule a class for your organization. 

Petro Classroom’s classroom training is led by experienced instructors with first-hand experience in the petroleum industry.  A/B AST and/or UST Operators will experience an engaging format tailored for learners who prefer a classroom setting and the opportunity to interact with the instructors and other owner/operators.

Upon completion of the one-day course, A/B Operators will be required to take an open-book, final exam.  Class A/B Operator Certificates of completion will be passed out at class and/or available for printing in your Petro Classroom account.  

Course Format
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