Walkthrough Inspection Course

2015 UST Regulations

In 2015, the EPA revised the underground storage tank (UST) regulations, requiring owners and operators to perform periodic walkthrough inspections and testing beginning on October 18, 2018.  Your state implementing agency may have adopted these regulations with a different deadline. Regardless of the deadline, the periodic walkthrough inspections and testing will be required for all owners/operators of UST systems in the near future.  Petro Classroom and Dashboard Advantage has everything you need to meet these requirements with ease. 

Petro Classroom’s Walkthrough Inspection Course

Petro Classroom has developed an online course to teach your Class A/B & C Operators how to conduct these inspections to comply with the new regulations.  Owners/Operators will learn what equipment needs to be inspected and tested and the frequency of which these inspections and testing must occur.


The new regulations also require owners/operator to document:

  • what areas were inspected

  • whether each area inspected was acceptable or needed action taken

  • a description of any actions taken to correct issues


Electronic Recordkeeping through Dashboard Advantage

Owners/operators will be required to maintain records of inspections and testing to comply with the new regulations. Some states require their own forms while others may use a code of practice such as PEI RP900. Depending on the form/method you are required to use for inspections, you could be required to conduct daily inspections and at the very least you will be required to conduct 30-day inspections. Documenting these inspections on paper will become very time consuming and cumbersome.


Dashboard Advantage is a mobile (tablet and smartphone compatibility), online data collection and reporting system that can take any inspection form you are required to use and streamline the process to save you time and money. This online platform will allow you to track any compliance issues (complete with photos) and send follow-up alerts to make sure issues are corrected. Dashboard Advantage facilities faster/easier inspections, improved accessibility, actionable reporting and improved communication and accountability. 

For questions about Dashboard Advantage, give us a call at 844-303-6752 or email us at info@petroclassroom.com

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